This site could not have been developed without the help of lots of companies, many of which are free or very cheap!!


You would not be reading this at all if it weren’t for Bill Gates.  He has done more than any man to bring about a communications revolution the likes of which this planet has not seen since the invention of printing. We all owe him a debt of gratitude, which he has converted into billions of dollars!!!!





In 1994 I bought my first major computer, a Dell Dimension XPS 90, which for a month or so was at the top of everyone’s list. Last Fall I found that a 90 was just too slow for things like Ultima IX, Dragon Naturally Speaking or Roller Coaster Tycoon – let alone resource gobblers like Photoshop. So I bought myself a Dell Dimension XPS T600 – a REAL zipper!!!! Both machines have performed with flying colours and I have installed Dells for a few friends too with similar success.



I came across Windows 2.0 many years ago and 3.0 taught me what GUIs were capable of. I was one of the first people in Toronto to have Windows 95, buying it at midnight on it’s launch date way back when!! Upgraded to 98 on it’s release and when I got my new computer in late 1999, it had Windows 98 Second Edition. Recently I have installed Windows ME (Millennium Edition). I didn't have too much success with ME and have since reverted to Windows 98 which I find to be quite stable. I am sniffing around 2000!!!!


 From the very beginning I have preferred Netscape over

 Internet Explorer, more so because I have always had a belief that we should never put all our eggs in one basket – despite what I said about Bill Gates above!!!! The site has been tested for IE and if you find non-working bits, please let me know.



Using Microsoft Word (as I am doing now) to create web pages is extremely easy. However, eventually you will need to get into the innards for tweaking and tuning and Word ain’t much good at that!! I discovered this freebee, Homesite Version 1.2 which is simple enough to do all I need. I think the freebee version is gone now. Currently it’s version V4.0 and is charged for. The link from the graphic takes you to the V4.0 version.


Generating image maps is one of those things that only the priests get to do – unless you have Map THIS!!! Another freebie, this is a simple image map generator that works very nicely.



After a few tries learning what an ISP is supposed to do, my current Internet Service provider is AT&T Canada who recently gobbled up the best ISP I‘ve seen - Netcom



Of all the picture viewers out there, I like LView Pro over anything else I have used. I will even convert files that aren’t in a format recognized by LView (like PSD for example) so that I can use LView’s easy picture management system. Incidentally, Windows ME has a thumbnail viewer, which is just what we’ve all been waiting for!!!

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