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Residence: Toronto
in the Province of ONTARIO in the Northern Country of CANADA


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The Irwin Family in Happier Times

Mary Lucia Anna ---- 7 July 1913 - November 1996
Michael Edward ---- 16 February 1944 - December 1997
Arthur ---- 8 February 1909 - April 2000
Elizabeth Lucia ---- 20 July 1942 - March 2001
David Eason ---- 22 April 1939 - ???

Born in England just before WW II experiencing country and seaside Yorkshire before a London rounding. Came to Toronto in 1964 to work in public transportation. I retired in Janusry 1995 and since 1998 have spent the Winters in Florida and the Summers in Toronto. I am currently in Toronto for the Summer fun and will be in Fort Lauderdale from October or November 2002 for the Winter.

Until I get my Fractint/Time pages going, please check out this site.


After leaving school at age 16 in 1956, I started an apprenticeship with British Railways in Signal Engineering. I continued this in Toronto with the Toronto Transit Commission during the building of the Bloor Danforth Subway. The opportunity presented itself in 1969 to become involved in computers and from then until my retirement I worked in the Computing Industry as it relates to Public transportation. This involved Computers from the IBM 360/30 to my retirement present to myself; a Dell Pentium Dimension XPS 90. Retired after 30 years with the Toronto Transit Commission on Jan 6th 1995. In retirement I am a snowbird - spending the winters in Fort lauderdale and the summers in Toronto. I recently upgraded my XPS 90 to a DELL Dimension XPS T600


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