WELCOME 1st time visitor!


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As a first time visitor to my site, please allow me to welcome you to an adventure for the mind.


This site is being developed on a continuing basis and you will see a Current Status report. The Status Report is intended to keep you up-to-date with either me or the site. As is typical of the web; these report updates are sporadic at best and downright ancient at worst !!! You will be advised later to record a bookmark if you would like to return to the site at some point in this flatland – “Ooops – Sorry about that, I let an idea out of the bag without adequate warning. Oh Dear!!!!!”


This site is totally free. There are many crooks and nannies to investigate and there are some hidden places where only the most daring will explore. Have no fear dear reader; there is plenty of warning before any mind traps appear.


However once you open up your mind to a new idea, it is very difficult to be rid of it – so beware and be warned!!!! Where there are dangerous places, there is no age proving device of any kind.


I’d hazard a pretty shrewd guess that if you scratch most of the Nannies out there – or is it crannies? – trying to impose their will on others - you’ll find someone who is making money out of cyber-protection.  Age brings responsibility and if you are able to read this page, you are old enough to be open enough to what the web has to offer; despite what society’s busy bodies, scoff laws and nosy-parkers keep prattling on about. If you don’t like it – as has been told to Television Watchers for years – TURN IT OFF. Or in the parlance of the web


Don’t URL about in dangerous places!!



Having got that off my chest, let me advise you about a couple of things:-


-        If you view this site at anything less than a resolution of 1024 x 768, certain things will not appear properly, especially in the Time section. If the line of diamonds above is one line, you are OK.

-        To avoid this page in future, only bookmark when advised so to do on the Home Page.

-        ……… and anything else I can think off!!!


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