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If you are sensitive, mollycoddled, unable to stand the strain of modern life, easily offended, homophobic, too religious for your own good or just plain queezy; click The House

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However if you want to see me in the excited buff and are ready for naked pictures of The Mature Male,then click on the red dressing gown!!

To check out my Gay Bookmarks, please check this page.

There are also some pages that do me the honor of hosting my pictures. Please see below.
I'm a mature, 62 year old, totally masculine man. I am not into the bar scene, although I do visit bars with Back Rooms!!!!! I am naturally dominant intimately, a man who is solidly built, 5' - 11" and 210 lbs and a look at my pictures on this site will give you a good idea what that all means!!! I'm not at all into pain or humiliation, but I like masculine body contacts with a man who really knows how to be a verbal "top", always respecting the limits. I am in shape and very masculine.
It takes a great deal of intelligence to have arrived at this page in the infinite web of life and I am constantly amazed how much of this intelligence is narrow-minded and short sighted. As a road user; a purchaser of modern day food and health supplies; traveller; etc ad nauseum: I am Totally in Agreement with the necessity to post adequate warnings as to possible PHYSICAL harm. Until there is some sort of warning system developed to protect us from possible MENTAL and SPIRITUAL harm - and the debate on this hasn't even started yet!!!! - CONSIDER YOURSELF INFORMED THAT YOU MAY BE IN DANGER OF mental AND spiritual HARM IF YOU CLICK ON THE RED DRESSING GOWN !!!
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The Silverfox Mailing List Pictures Archive is associated with the Silverfox Mailing List. This is a free site but you will need to apply for a Username and a Password. Information on how to do this is explained on the site. The site is a veritable berry patch for those interested in the more mature mail!!!!
My Toronto buddy Richie has one of the great amateur sites on the Web and has thousands of hits a week. You will need Adult Check Gold to get onto the site. Adult Check Gold will also get you to see a whole lot more at Sobeach
The Jack Off Club has some pictures in Gallery Five. You will need the UGAS age verification entry thingy.

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