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Man In Celebration

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This new video offering from AARON's VIDEOs is a near 2 full hours of which 1: 48 minutes are devoted to one of our favorite mature/senior internet exhibitionists DADDY DAVE. Enjoy his exploits over 10+ years from Toronto to Florida. Enjoy that wonderful resonant richly accented voice with a touch of Jolly Old England as Dave banters with his quests and describes his favorite "motivational techniques."


I.) Opening with Dave's suggested title "ROPES of CUM" the title he used in his original video work, we have Dave spend a few moments introducing us to the scene of some future action, his view of Toronto and his Canadian PAD. A quick explanation of what we are to see ahead and the Title Credit sequence amongst the Gay Pride Celebrations in Toronto..

II.) Dave the mature flasher as a somewhat younger Daddy leads to a wild indulgence in self abuse flowing to an intro of Dave in his present day Florida habitat and more exposure.

III.) As Dave plays again in the past and fantasizes over some of his favorite men and splatters his success about we then return to the present day Florida and are treated with a variety of Dave's erotic talents and displays including some time with "Wonder- Man Boy-Bruno" who now shows us some techniques on how Daddy Dave enjoys being treated.

IV.) After more revealing tit play and some more flash backs with some of Dave's favorite erotic toys he rejoins Bruno with some wonderfully sensuous love play. Those of us who enjoy a guy like Dave will want to imagine joining in on the party.

V.) Again back to present day and more revelations about Dave's thoughts and attitudes we then flash back to younger days and Leather Nights while Uncle Dave shows off more of his flirtations, this time with black leather sensuality and mild self discipline. From here we rejoin Bruno and Dave as they prepare Daddy Dave for some hard core anal power drives, treating Bruno with a session of bottoming out for Granddad's lusty probing.

VI.) Our day with Uncle Dave comes to a wrap as Mr. Irwin demonstrates some more climactic action that a big dicked daddy can enjoy on a lonely afternoon, "The Irwin Special" as I like to call it and what is now demonstrated in detail. Dave passes us on with a short concluding fireside rap and sends us off to ........

VII.) spend the final 10 minutes with craziness of Mardi Gras of the past, the sight and sounds of the streets, alley ways and private suites where exhibitionism and flashing are the name of the game and colorful strings of beads are the ultimate reward.

This tape is now available on VHS both N.T.S.C. and PAL modes. The introductory price ( includes shipping ) is $40 for U.S. shipping $50 outside U.S. and $55 for PAL conversion.

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